• General Admission

    To keep everyone’s expensive equipment safe we don’t allow spectators or general admission. 

  • Is my system too powerful?

    Overall the total wattage of your power supply isn’t a concern, it is the amount of power that your computer draws. It is generally more of an issue when running multiple video card configurations. We don’t police this unless we start to have power issues on your circuit. If we have issues, we may ask you to turn off SLI or Crossfire while at the event to prevent other issues. You can avoid this by getting two seats, but due to the limited number of seats we have compared to how many people who want to come we don’t want multiple seats to be taken up unless it is needed.

  • How is our raffle handled?

    Every person who pays for a seat gets a number. We enter everyone’s name into the draw and select numbers multiple times (you can find the time at the event). If you are not in the building or do not respond in a timely manner we will put your name back into the raffle. You can’t give your ticket to anyone else if you leave. Buying multiple seats won’t get you any additional raffle tickets as well. If at the end of the event we have prizes left over we will take everyone’s name and do a second drawing. Raffle prizes are donations received from sponsors.

  • How do you handle what games to play?

    Well, we are open to playing anything, we do ask that you let us know ahead of time if possible so we can get it up on our game list and so we can make sure our network is configured to handle it properly. At the LAN you can reach out to people or in the looking to play channel on Discord.

  • What do we use for voice communication at the LAN?

    At the LAN you can find the Discord information posted. Please do not try to use other off-network communications, they add additional load to our internet.

  • Tabletop games at the event

    As long as we have room we are perfectly fine with tabletop games. We try to make sure we have a table or two setup for people to eat, hangout, etc. If there isn’t a table ask a member of the staff and we will do our best to help you out.

  • Bringing your own console

    We don’t mind people bringing a console and hooking it up to their monitor at their table. We may let you setup for this as long as there is room but you will need to check with us before doing this. We can’t, however, provide any sort of projector or TV for this use typically.

  • Can I participate in all of the games?

    You can play in multiple, but we do sometimes run more than one at the same time. When signing up please keep an eye on the start time to make sure that there are no obvious overlaps.

  • Can I rent a PC or monitor?

    We don’t provide anything but generally if you ask far enough ahead someone might be able to help you out.

  • Can I sell stuff at the event?

    We do have a for sale table for this exact reason, prior approval is required if you are a business

  • What are the prizes for tournaments?

    We do our best to make sure we have great prizes for the LAN, but most of the time we don’t announce the prizes until we are at the event. We do our best to keep the LAN party about having fun more than about what you will win.

  • Building Security & Safety

    We do our best to keep the people in the building just to attendees and at night we lock down the room and don’t allow equipment to go from the building without verification first. Having said that, you are still responsible for keeping your area secure. That means don’t leave things sitting around that someone could snatch up. We also ask everyone to keep an eye on your neighbors. If you see someone poking around that isn’t the person sitting there don’t be afraid to say something to them or to staff.

  • Event Parking

    Our location has parking available. You can pull up and bring your hardware in then try to park as far away to leave room for everyone else. Please make sure you don’t block access to the parking areas in front of and behind the building.

  • Refunds & seat exchanges

    Sadly we do not refund seat purchases. As money comes in we are picking up the supplies and equipment needed for the events as well as paying for all of our additional operating costs. We do allow you to give you seat to someone else if you would like or if you would like you can give it back to the event for someone on our waiting list to pick up. There are a couple things to keep in mind here.

    First, we will only do seat exchanges up until two days before the event. Also, if you end up buying a seat that is given back to the event you will need to pay the current price of the ticket. If you are looking to do a seat exchange contact us so we can record the new participant’s details.

If you have other questions please feel free to contact us, we can take those questions and add more to the FAQ to help people in the future.